About Us

     Labo uses 38 years of experience and know-how to provide heating and cooling services and to produce very precise working circulators, water baths, and laboratory test devices.

     Labo's expert staff and know-how in the sector enable companies to make the most out of information technologies and develop solutions that will increase productivity and profits. As the marketing world changes, supply chain managers must also evolve. It is not enough to produce a good product on its own, it is necessary to bring it right in time and in the right way.

    Labo's foundations were established by Numan Teknik (mother company), which was established with all domestic capital in 1981. Numan Teknik has become a solution partner in the heating-cooling systems for lots of corporate companies. Since the day it was established, it continuously follows the developing technology in the sector and constantly renews itself in the face of developing the technology. As a result, Labo comes in existence as a service provider to the laboratory sector on production and R&D.

     Labo; with high-quality engineering and design strength has executed and successfully completed a wide range of installation, design, and mass production projects since its establishment to many domestic and foreign customers. Labo responds to the needs of consumers on time and completes manner. Labo is always aware that customer satisfaction is at the forefront. The indispensable principle: "Customers deserve properly flawless service both before and after the project."

     Labo's refrigerated and heating circulators, which are manufactured according to European Quality Standards, can be used in many industries such as chemistry, food, beverage, automotive, aviation, defense, health, textile, and metallurgy. Labo has ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate and works to maintain the quality with Tüv Rheinland. Labo's main policies are Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement.

We are rising up with our motto day by day in the world: 

"Y O U     W I L L     L I K E     I T"

Labo Inc.