S SERIES (Short)

The most conspicuous feature of the S (Short) series circulators is the external dimensions. These models are, contrary to conventional thin-long bath structure, have wide-short appearance. Because of its different structure, users who plan to do different works in the bath, prefer S series circulators. Internal liquid circulation feature, cooling, and heating features are standard for all models. If external liquid circulation is requested, the models which have external liquid circulation feature should be preferred.

When the S Series and the C Series are compared with each other, most of the features are common except the external dimensions.

All Labo refrigerated circulators work with environmentally friendly refrigerants (NON CFC) that do not damage the ozone layer.

S SERIES (Short)
S SERIES (Short)
S SERIES (Short) –
Products Temp Ragne (˚C) Bath Capacity (LT) Bath Opening Depth (MM) Temrarature Stability (˚C) Heating Capacity (kW) Cooling Capacity (20 ˚C/kW) Circulations Type Pump Capacity (LT/MIN) Dimensions (MM) Sample Quantity