Stable Temperature Jackets (Glass / Stainless Steel)

Labo stable temperature jackets are practical application tool which is used to stable the temperature of samples or sample glasses. These jackets which are used with refrigerated and heating circulators, are made of glass or stainless steel and have a liquid capacity between 250 ml and 10000 ml. They provide to mix the samples homogenized depends on your demand by locating on magnetic stirrers and putting magnetic stirring bars in it. Changes of the sample can be always observed because of its pearly structure.

Method of Applying:
The liquid is sent to the Labo stable temperature jacket by silicone tube from digital controlled Labo circulators' external circulation exit. The liquid which entered from the bottom part exits from the exit pipe which is on the top point by compassing in the jacket and comes back to the water bath by silicone tube. Labo circulators have a digital control panel and demanded temperature can be easily arranged to 0, 1 °C sensitively.