Charpy Cooling Baths

Special Purpose Devices

When we evaluate the charpy impact test results, we observe that sample temperature is an important factor. Labo Charpy Cooling Baths are the usable devices to prepare charpy samples at cold or hot stable temperature for test. Rustless sample basket which has capacity of 100 pieces of sample and special charpy sample tongs which provides to locate the samples to charpy impact device untouched are freely delivered with the device. Charpy sample tongs is a special product which has very low convective.

According to the ASTM-E23 and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) standards, the required time for conditioning the charpy samples which in liquid is much shorter than air condition. The charpy cooling baths can condition the samples in a short time and take impact test by the liquid in bath. 

Charpy Cooling Baths
Charpy Cooling Baths
Display Type Digital
Display Resolution 0,1 °C
Temp. Control System New Generation PID
Over Temp. Alert System Existing
Bath Material Stainless Steel
Easy Drain System Existing
Power Requirement 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Charpy Cooling Baths – Special Purpose Devices
Products Temp Ragne (˚C) Bath Capacity (LT) Bath Opening Depth (MM) Temrarature Stability (˚C) Heating Capacity (kW) Cooling Capacity (20 ˚C/kW) Circulations Type Pump Capacity (LT/MIN) Dimensions (MM) Sample Quantity
CP-400 -40 / 100 8 140x145/160 ±0,03 1,1 0,47 Internal 16 310x380x650 0
CP-402 -40 / 100 22 260x360/200 ±0,05 1,1 0,51 Internal 16 495x690x892 0
CP-650 -65 / 100 8 140x145/160 ±0,05 1,1 0,61 Internal 16 495x690x892 0
CP-800 -80 / 100 8 140x145/160 ±0,05 1,1 0,67 Internal 16 495x690x892 0
CP-702 -70/+100 25 190x360/200 ±0,05 1,1 0,67 Internal 16 490x690x960 0