CT (Cold Trap) Series

Special Purpose Devices

Cold trap devices are commonly used in vacuum systems and chemical laboratories. Their primary purpose is to capture or remove gases or vaporizable substances by condensing them into a liquid form. A cold trap is particularly used to prevent hot vapor from entering vacuum pumps by condensing it into a liquid during the operation of the pumps.

The working principle of cold traps involves the low temperature of the refrigerant contained within, which enables the gases or vaporizable substances to transition into a liquid state. This condensation occurs as gas molecules come into contact with the refrigerant in the trap, cool down, and condense. Thus, the liquefied gases or substances remain in the trap and are removed without damaging the vacuum system's pump.

The Labo CT-400 and CT-800 models have been specially developed by Labo's R&D department to perform these kinds of tests.

CT (Cold Trap) Series
CT (Cold Trap) Series
Display Type Digital
Display Resolution 1 °C
Bath Material Stainless Steel
Easy Drain System Existing
Power Requirement 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
CT (Cold Trap) Series – Special Purpose Devices
Products Temp Ragne (˚C) Bath Capacity (LT) Bath Opening Depth (MM) Temrarature Stability (˚C) Heating Capacity (kW) Cooling Capacity (20 ˚C/kW) Circulations Type Pump Capacity (LT/MIN) Dimensions (MM) Sample Quantity
CT-400 -40 / 20 8 140x145/160 ±1 0 0,47 - - 320x380x480 0
CT-800 -80 / 20 8 140x145/160 ±1 0 0,47 - 0 320x380x480 0