Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Geräte mit spezielle Verwendung

Labo VSC - 100 kinematic viscosity bath is digital and easy to use universal device which provides appropriate measurements to the standards of ASTM D445 and TS 1451 EN ISO 3104.

Measurements can easily be done by watching from the lucid glass surface and semi-automatically. Many U tubes measurement systems like Ubbelohde, micro Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske, micro -Ostwald... etc. can be used. Water or silicone oil can be preferred as bath liquid.

To work at the temperature which is under the room temperature viscosity baths, which can easily connect and work integrated with Labo Refrigerated Circulators, are used commonly at mineral oil, chemistry, petrochemical, textile, plastic and polymer materials measurements. Working temperature can be easily changed and watched by the digital screen in VSC-100 model which you can hold 3 different samples at ready.

You can arrange comparative measurements with special fixation accessorize for calibration ASTM glass thermometer.

Kinematic Viscosity Bath
Temperaturbereich +30 / +150 °C
Bildschirmtyp Digital
Temperaturregelsystem PID der nächsten Generation  
Bildschirmauflösung ± 0,1 °C
Temperatur Stabilität (˚C) ± 0,02 °C
Temperaturistung 2,2 kW
Kühlanschluss Optional (bis +10 ° C)
Alarmsystem für niedrigen Flüssigkeitsstand Verfügbar
Hochtemperatur-Alarmsystem Verfügbar
Intern Flüssigkeit Zirkulation Verfügbar
Badekapazität 25 liters
Badezimmerstruktur Kiefer
der Ort, an dem die Probe platziert wurde 3 Menge
Pumpenleistung Edelstahl
Leistungsbedarf 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Gewicht 9 kg