BFT Series

Special Purpose Devices

The Labo R&D Team has developed the BFT Series for the beer to be tested in the most challenging and healthy conditions.

Our BFT 100 and BFT 200 models perform Accelerated Stability Tests, also known as Beer Forcing Tests. This test is a quality control test used to determine the shelf life of beer and to determine when the beer's fermentation is complete and ready for bottling.

The BFT Series devices create a suitable temperature environment for the beer to be artificially aged by changing the temperature between 0°C and 60°C with a 24-hour cycle time and a sensitivity of 0.01°C.

Temperature and time values can be created and saved as a scenario and can be recalled when needed. In addition, temperature-time changes during the test can be saved and reported in .xml format.

*Labo refrigerated circulators contain environmentally friendly and ozone-friendly refrigerants.

BFT Series
BFT Series
Display Type Touch Screen
Display Resolution 0,01 °C
Temp. Control System New generation PID
Bath Material Stainless steel
Easy Drain System Exiting
Power Requirement 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
BFT Series – Special Purpose Devices
Products Temp Ragne (˚C) Bath Capacity (LT) Bath Opening Depth (MM) Temrarature Stability (˚C) Heating Capacity (kW) Cooling Capacity (20 ˚C/kW) Circulations Type Pump Capacity (LT/MIN) Dimensions (MM) Sample Quantity
BFT-100 -30 / 100 54 - 60 67 X 65 X 90 ±0,03 2 0,55 Internal 21 l / min. 0,6 bar 67 X 65 X 90 38
BFT-200 -30 / 100 81- 90 67 X 65 X 90 ±0,03 2 0,55 Internal 21 l / min. 0,6 bar 67 X 65 X 90 25