LaboTEMP – Temperature Control Software


The LaboTEMP software enables the complete remote control of Labo temperature control units from any computer with Microsoft Windows using a USB interface. Real-time temperature control unit operations can be performed through the LaboTEMP user interface on the computer screen.

LaboTEMP Usage Features

• Instantaneous measurement values and graphical data analysis

It allows tracking instantaneous changes in liquid temperature, making it easy to monitor and report both real-time and retrospective temperature variations.

• Time-Temperature and Ramp Control

The Linear Control feature provides the capability to reach the desired temperature in the desired time, creating different conditioning scenarios for each sample. Additionally, complex temperature-time scenarios can be created using the Step Control feature. If desired, the Trigger Control feature allows starting a countdown for the next step after reaching the temperature value.

• Recording in Excel format and scenario recall feature

Conditioning results can be reported and exported in Excel format. Additionally, scenarios for temperature-time can be saved with naming conventions and recalled as ready-to-use packages whenever needed. This eliminates the need to prepare the scenario each time, saving time.


LaboTEMP – Temperature Control Software